A Zen notion on warfare and happiness

If one can give up the illusion of control;
One might gain the prospect of influence.

If you give up on being someone else;
You will gain the best version of you.

The best version of you deals better with the worst plan,
Then your worst version with the best plan.

Motivation always beats discipline in the end;
Beware of your motivation.

Intuition beats cognition in warfare and happiness;
Develop your intuition.

Don’t plan;
Be the plan.

The first casualty in war is always the combatplan;
Be more than a just a combat plan.

If you take your time;
Time will slow down.

If you don’t have time to daily meditate;
You should meditate more.

Embrace what you detest;
It will disapear.

Let go of what you want;
It will come to you.

Embrace what you fear;
It will become void.

Let go of what you cherish;
It will lose it’s power over you.

Don’t look at the enemy;
Look at Fuji Yama;

Embrace the void;
Become the void.

Don’t try to stop the enemy;
Let the enemy be sucked into your void.

If he pushes;
You pull.

If he pulls;
You push.

Give your mind and soul to the god of war;
The god of war will guide your hand.

Embrace a death;
Gain a real life.

Give up control and gain everything;
Let go…Let go…Let go…

Hachiman Jin

Hachiman Jin